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· Personal Attention - Real people helping you. We keep track of your past orders to help you with your recordkeeping (Note: you can't get credit for taking the same article/exam more than once!).

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We understand that as a busy doctor, you may not have the time to go to an off-site location for a workshop or seminar to complete your continuing education and maintain your Qualified Medical Evaluator appointment.

As a QME, you must complete 12 continuing education credits every 24 months... now after 2 years, are you going to remember which tests you took? Maybe not... but we do. When you order, we personally check your history and only provide you with tests you've not taken yet. So no worries there.

We also are experts in report writing and have reviewed and authored content that is actually pertinent and relevant to you in your Workers' Compensation Practice.

Our Article Library is updated quarterly, so there is fresh content for you to choose from.

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